Discover House of Emirates®️ Your luxury destination for Eternal treasures, ethereal art, splendid jewellery and more
Discover House of Emirates®️ Your luxury destination for Eternal treasures, ethereal art, splendid jewellery and more


We invite you to consign your antique coins, captivating artworks, and exquisite valuables with our prestigious auction house. Step into the spotlight and let your precious possessions find their way to new investors and appreciative collectors.


Expertise and Integrity:

Entrust your treasures to our team of seasoned experts who possess unparalleled knowledge and experience in the world of antique coins, art, and valuables. With our meticulous authentication and appraisal process, you can be confident in the accuracy and integrity of our evaluations.


Global Reach and Engagement:

Our auction house attracts a diverse international audience of avid investors, passionate collectors, investors, and art connoisseurs. Through our robust platform and marketing strategies, we ensure maximum visibility and engagement for your consigned items, reaching potential buyers around the world.

Maximum Value Realization:

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest possible value for your consigned pieces. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we carefully position and present your items to captivate the attention of discerning buyers, ensuring optimal bidding competition.


Tailored Marketing and Promotion:

Our dedicated marketing team designs compelling campaigns to showcase your consigned treasures in the most alluring light. Through targeted advertising, social media promotion, and engaging content, we create a buzz that ignites interest and fuels excitement among potential buyers.


Prestige and Legacy:

By consigning with our auction house, you join a lineage of esteemed investors, collectors, artists, and visionaries who have entrusted us with their most treasured possessions. Our reputation for excellence and integrity guarantees that your consigned items will be showcased alongside the finest works of art and rarities.

How To Consign With Us?


Submit detailed information and images of your antique coins, artworks, or valuables for our expert evaluation. Our team will carefully review your submission and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the potential market value and auction estimates.


Consignment Agreement:

Once you are satisfied with the evaluation, we will work together to finalize the consignment agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the consignment, including commission rates, insurance, and reserve prices.

Professional Cataloguing:

Our experts will meticulously catalogue your items, capturing their essence and historical significance in compelling descriptions and high-quality images. The catalogue becomes a showcase for your treasures, attracting the attention of collectors and generating excitement for the upcoming auction.


Pre-Auction Marketing:

Our dedicated marketing team will create captivating campaigns, leveraging various channels to promote your consigned items. Through targeted advertisements, press releases, social media engagement, and email marketing, we will generate buzz and ensure maximum exposure for your treasures.

The Auction Experience:

Sit back and let the excitement unfold as your consigned items take centre stage during our highly anticipated auction. Our experienced auctioneers will skilfully present your treasures, enticing bidders to participate in the exhilarating bidding process.


Post-Auction Settlement:

After the auction, we will promptly provide you with a detailed post-sale report, including the hammer prices achieved for your consigned items. Our team will facilitate a seamless settlement process, ensuring you receive the proceeds of the sale in a timely manner.

At our auction house, we are passionate about connecting extraordinary pieces with discerning investors & collectors who appreciate their investment value, beauty, and historical significance. By consigning your antique coins, art, and valuables with us, you embark on a journey that breathes new life into your treasures and allows them to continue their legacy in the hands of passionate investors and collectors.


Stay tuned and keep following our website for our next upcoming auction.


Important FAQ

Our brand meticulously offers rare pieces with impeccable provenance, ensuring each item holds great significance, exclusivity, rarity and exceptional value.

Yes, every piece undergoes rigorous authentication processes by experts in numismatics, art history, and gemmology to guarantee authenticity.

Absolutely. Each purchase comes with a comprehensive certificate of authenticity outlining the item’s history, materials, and any relevant documentation.

Yes, the House of Emirates trademark holds legal recognition and protection in both the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. This ensures the exclusive use of the trademark for luxury goods and services associated with the brand.

Our collection is constantly evolving as we source new acquisitions globally. We strive to offer fresh and intriguing pieces to our elite clientele regularly.

Yes, we provide bespoke services for clients looking to customize their purchases or create unique pieces tailored to their preferences.

We employ secure and discreet shipping methods, often partnering with trusted courier services specializing in handling valuable items with utmost care. We even deliver our most expensive items in person.

Yes, our team of experts provides appraisal services for antique coins, art, and jewellery, offering comprehensive evaluations based on market value and historical significance.

We offer a generous return policy allowing clients to return items within a specified timeframe if they are not completely satisfied, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing detailed information about each piece, including its historical context, cultural significance, and craftsmanship techniques. Additionally, we often host educational events and seminars for enthusiasts to delve deeper into our collection.

“House of Emirates” was chosen to evoke a sense of grandeur, sophistication, and cultural richness associated with the Emirates region. The term “House” suggests a place of refinement and luxury, while “Emirates” symbolizes the heritage, diversity, modernity and the majesty of the United Arab Emirates as a land of miraculous transformation.