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2200 years old coin from Mysia. Kyzikos circa 300-200 BC

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Mysia. Kyzikos circa 300-200 BC.
Bronze Æ

Diameter: 18 mm

Weight: 5,70 g

Very Fine

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Ancient Cyzicus, nestled on the southern shores of the Sea of Marmara, thrived as a prominent Greek city-state from the 8th century BCE. Its strategic location facilitated trade between Asia Minor and Thrace, fostering economic prosperity. Renowned for skilled craftsmanship, Cyzicus produced fine ceramics, notably its signature Cyzicene ware. The city boasted impressive fortifications and a bustling port, attracting merchants and travelers.

Despite facing numerous invasions and political turmoil, Cyzicus endured as a resilient maritime power until its decline in the Roman era. Its rich history, reflected in archaeological remains, offers insights into the cultural and economic dynamics of ancient Anatolia.