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Crusader Era: silver dirham for Saladin’s brother Al Adil ca.1193 AD



Here is your chance to get a piece of crusader history, a silver dirham minted around 590 AH / 1193 AD for Al Malik Aldel Abu Bakr ben Ayub, the brother of Saladin, the most famous of all during the crusades.

Weight: 2.9 g

Diameter: 20 mm 

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Al-Adil, was a prominent figure in the medieval Islamic world and the brother of the renowned Muslim military leader, Saladin (Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub). Born in 1145, Al-Adil played a crucial role in the politics and military campaigns of the Ayyubid dynasty during the 12th century.

Al-Adil’s early life was shaped by the tumultuous political landscape of the time, marked by conflicts between Muslim states and European Crusaders. Despite being siblings, Al-Adil and Saladin occasionally found themselves on opposing sides in the complex power struggles within the Ayyubid family. Their relationship reflected the challenges and complexities of ruling a vast empire in the midst of external threats.

Known for his military prowess and strategic acumen, Al-Adil held various administrative and military positions within the Ayyubid realm. His contributions to the defense and expansion of the empire were instrumental in maintaining the stability that Saladin had worked tirelessly to establish.

One notable aspect of Al-Adil’s character was his commitment to diplomatic solutions. At times, he advocated for negotiated settlements rather than relying solely on military force. His diplomatic skills were put to the test in dealing with both internal disputes among the Ayyubid rulers and external challenges posed by rival powers.

Following Saladin’s death in 1193, Al-Adil briefly assumed the role of Sultan of Egypt and Syria. His reign, however, was marked by continued conflicts and power struggles among the Ayyubid heirs. Despite the challenges, Al-Adil’s leadership left a lasting impact on the Ayyubid dynasty and the broader history of the Islamic world during the Crusades era. His legacy, intertwined with that of his illustrious brother Saladin, remains an important chapter in the annals of medieval Islamic history.