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Jewish Prutah, The Jewish Rebellion Against Roman Rule, 66-70 AD



At House of Emirates®, we celebrate Jewish history as one of our world’s most resilient and endured sagas of faith and endurance, spanning millennia of cultural, religious, and political evolution.

In AD 66, the Jews launched their first revolt against the Roman Empire, driven by a fervent desire for independence and religious freedom, marking a pivotal moment in the struggle for sovereignty and identity. This rebellion, culminating in the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70, left an indelible imprint on Jewish consciousness, shaping their collective narrative for centuries to come.

We have now a piece of that era which you can own or gift to someone special.

Jewish Prutah

Mint: 66 – 70 AD

Metal: Bronze

Weight: 2.40 g

Diameter: 17 mm

Description: Amphora. Rev. Vine leaf on branch with tendril.

Reference: Hendin 1360; Meshorer 196. Repatinated, nearly very fine.

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