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Roman Empire: Crispus Bronze Follis (316-326 AD)



Beautiful Roman Follis minted in Thessalonica depicting Flavius Julius Crispus, the eldest son of the Roman Emperor Constantine I

Weight : 3.25 gr
Diameter : 19 mm

Mint: Thessalonica 

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Flavius Julius Crispus, also known as Flavius Flavius Crispus, was the eldest son of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, born around 300 AD. Crispus rose to prominence in the Roman Empire due to his military prowess and administrative capabilities, earning him the title of Caesar and commanding significant respect among his contemporaries.

Crispus played a crucial role in his father’s military campaigns, particularly against the Franks and Alamanni, showcasing his strategic acumen and bravery on the battlefield. His successes in warfare solidified his position as a respected leader within the Empire.

However, Crispus’s life took a tragic turn when he became entangled in a political intrigue that would lead to his downfall. His stepmother, Fausta, fearing Crispus’s growing influence and popularity, falsely accused him of treason, poisoning the Emperor’s mind against his own son. Despite Crispus’s efforts to defend himself, Constantine ordered his execution in 326 AD.

The death of Crispus sent shockwaves throughout the Roman Empire. Many were dismayed by the loss of such a promising and capable leader, while others questioned the Emperor’s judgment and motives. The circumstances surrounding Crispus’s demise remain shrouded in mystery and controversy, with historians speculating about the true motivations behind his execution.

Despite his untimely end, Flavius Julius Crispus left a lasting legacy as a skilled military commander and statesman. His tragic fate serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of court politics and the fragility of power within the Roman Empire. Crispus’s memory endures in the annals of history, remembered for his valor, leadership, and the tragic circumstances of his demise.