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Roman Empress Diva Faustina Silver Denarius, 141 AD Rome



Here is a piece of incredible Roman beauty and majesty from House of Emirates ®

Silver Denarius

Diameter: 19 mm

Weight: 3.23 g silver

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Diva Faustina, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, known for her beauty and intelligence, she had considerable influence in Roman politics and society.

Faustina’s patronage of art and philosophy contributed to the cultural wealth of Rome. However, her luxurious lifestyle and rumours created controversy. Despite this, she was respected by her subjects, recognized for her charitable work and dedication to the general well-being. The sudden death of Faustina in 141 AD. led to her deification, and temples and statues were erected in her honor throughout the Roman Empire, celebrating her as a symbol of feminine power and grace..