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VERY RARE ! Persian Sassanid Empire: The Last Persian king, Yazdgard III, 647 AD / Kerman Mint



House of Emirates® in london is very thrilled to offer our investors and collectors this very rare piece of majestic persian history.

Silver Drachm for the ‘Last Persian Sassanid King of Kings’, Yazdgard III

Silver Drachm

Weight: 4.18g silver

Diameter: 34mm

Mint (uncertain, Kerman province)

RY 16 = AD 647
obv: Crowned bust to right
rev: Fire altar with ribbons flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames; pellet to left of upper star-in-crescent.

ref: Göbl type II/2; Tyler-Smith type 6/3, 51-53



The Sasanian Kingdom, also known as the Sasanian Empire, was the last Persian empire before the rise of Islam. It existed from 224 to 651 AD, with its capital initially at Ctesiphon (present-day Iraq) and later at the city of Tisfun (present-day Tehran, Iran). The empire was known for its firm government, art, architecture and military prowess.

Yazdgard III was the 38th and last ruler of the Sasanian Empire. He ascended the throne in 632 AD. during a tumultuous period marked by internal turmoil and external pressure, especially from expanding Arab Muslim forces. Yazdgard III’s reign was largely dominated by military conflicts with the Byzantine Empire in the west and the emerging Islamic Caliphate in the east.

In 636 AD, the Sasanian forces suffered a major defeat against the Arabs at the Battle of al-Qadisiyyah.  The Muslims led by Khalid ibn al-Walid mark a turning point in the Sasanian-Muslim struggle. Despite later resistance, the Sasanian Empire gradually succumbed to Arab Muslim conquests.

Yazdgard III faced challenges in controlling multiple regions of the empire and managing internal dissent. His reign finally came to an end in 651 AD. when he was assassinated fleeing from the Muslim troops of Arabia. With his death, the Sasanian Empire collapsed, paving the way for the Islamic Caliphate to take control of Iran and introduce a new era in Iranian history.